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Sagging Paver Patio Repair

I was hired to fix this sagging paver patio and assess what caused the problem.

Three things led to this patio sinking:

1. Poor drainage

2. A retaining wall that was starting to fail

3. Excessive bedding sand

All three of these factors combined to cause the base substrate to wash away beneath the pavers, causing them to sag and create a tripping hazard. The homeowner decided to hold-off on replacing the failing retaining wall and opted for a quicker fix.

First, all sinking pavers and the surround pavers were pulled, cleaned, and set aside. Next I used a string line and line level to determine the desired grade. Any excess bedding sand was scraped and set aside. Using more than one inch of bedding sand is not proper technique.

In the photo above, you can see significant settling damage to the retaining wall supporting the patio. Improper footings, too small of wall blocks, and lack of batter (slope against pressure) has led to the whole wall slowly falling apart sadly.

Next, I installed a perforated French Drain across the grade that led to an outlet on the outside of the wall on the right. It was subsequently covered with separation fabric and more road base.

Gravel is packed back up to grade layer by layer to ensure proper compaction. Next, the bedding sand is added and screed to create a level surface. The pavers are ready to be reset into the patio.

Joint sand is swept into the cracks.

And voila! The patio is now safe to enjoy for the client's family and will stay level as long as the failing wall hold it up. Thanks!

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