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Shaded Garden Gets Brightened Up!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This client hired me to help their front yard reflect the bright personality of the home. Large overhanging trees and a rip-rap rock wall gave the space a dark feeling. The current lawn was failing due to the lack of light and subsequently created a muddy mess whenever it rained.

First I surveyed the site and laid a flexible tape measure along the middle of the desired path, taking care to weave it smoothly between the existing plantings, boulders, and sprinkler heads.

Next, I plotted out where the path's edges would be. This is a great way for the client to give input before we are too far along the line for adjustments.

The planned path is excavated to a depth of 6" to ensure plenty of room for drainage and bedding substrates.

Next, thin layers of road base gravel are laid and compacted until a solid base is created.

Metal edging is installed next. Then, pointing substrate is installed and compacted. I elected to use 1/4 minus gravel for pointing instead of sand due to its ability yo not wash away and settle over time. It's a great, stable pointing base for the often irregular and wobbly nature of natural flagstone products.

'Sunset Gold' flagstones were selected and delivered. Their bright color and interesting variegations will help brighten up the space.

Flagstone path installed. Looking great, but the edges are still a bit drab. Let's brighten those up too...

A layer of Deco Pebble Bark Nuggets make the stonework even more stunning and will suppress the majority of weeds this summer. How beautiful!


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