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Warranty Information

Jack's Garden Rescue is proud to offer warranties on many facets of our new installations! 

General warranty

“All construction and related services provided hereunder shall be performed in a good and workmanlike manner, by workers who are appropriately trained and experienced in the work being performed, and in accordance with all requirements of the contract documents, industry standards for projects of similar type and quality, and all applicable laws, codes, regulations and other requirements, including safety requirements.”

Paver patios, CMU walls, and natural stone walls



*Covers all major workmanship defects. Does not include events of efflorescence, joint sand settlement, manufacturer defects, and/or impact damage.

Drainage Systems

10 years


*This warranty covers mechanical flow and function of the system. In the event of a clog or obstruction, we will inspect, clear, repair, or replace as necessary at our discretion.

Outdoor Carpentry

4 years (Includes: fences, decks, pergolas, planting beds, structures, and furniture)


*Covers all major workmanship defects. Excessive stress/weight, excessive irrigation, failure to keep structures free of excessive vegetation, and major impacts are not covered. Use of premium products can lengthen warranty.

Concrete work

4 years

*Covers major cracking, major scaling and spalling or major popout due to defective materials or workmanship. Hairline cracks are inevitable. Large impacts, excessive deicer use and excessive loads void warranty.

New plantings

Trees and shrubs: 1 year

Small nursery stock: 60 days

*Nursery stock must be acquired and installed by JGR. Shrubs and trees must be 5 gallon size or larger. Small nursery stock is all plants under 5 gallons in size.


30 days

*To qualify for replacement all of the following must be true:

1. Sod was properly watered.

2. Sod was not trampled on by animals, pedestrian, vehicles, etc.

3. Sod was not burned by chemicals, pesticides, fertilizer or reflected sunlight from a home's foundation or concrete.

4. No acts of God, excessive flooding, fallen trees, etc


Warranty period begins upon project completion date. Warranties are non-transferable. Client must notify JGR within the specified warranty period for warranty claim to be valid. Any repairs, modifications, and additions to warrantied work not performed by JGR voids warranties. Warranty applies to all new construction; repairs not covered.

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